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We DO NOT sell animal or rodent glueboard traps as we consider these to be extremely cruel and inhumane. Our Pest Control Trap range will let you put a stop to and get rid of problems and infestations of household or garden pests. We supply a mouse trap range of live catch or killing traps as well as a rat trap range of live catch or killing traps. We are stockists of humane live catch cage traps including a larsen bird cage trap, a cat cage trap, a fox cage trap, a hare trap, a mink trap, a rabbit trap and a squirrel trap. Our garden mole traps include humane tunnel traps and traditional duffus and scissor killing traps. For catching and trapping crawling or flying insect pests, we have ant traps, cockroach traps, clothes moth traps, flea traps, fly traps, mosquitoe traps, slug and snail traps and wasp traps.
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DIY Pest Control – Shabby Chic Boho

Ive had ants get in before and they ate holes in our clothes that were in the laundry hamper. I had no idea that they could do that. This time, I went searching for an DIY pest control solution and I came across a very helpful infographic that I hope will help you as well if you are having a pest problem. I would have never guessed that coffee grounds would deter them. One of our local pest control companies comes every 4 weeks to spray so we dont get pests, but for some reason, those little ants dont take heed. When they want in, they find a way.
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DIY Home Pest Control Products – CedarCide : CedarCide

In many cases, they can be quite dangerous to humans and animals, and they can even be harmful to the land, water and air surrounding the application site. They can also be expensive and require multiple treatments to take effect. So how can you eradicate unwanted pests inside and outside your home on your own without turning to costly, harmful chemical treatments? The good news is that organic pest control solutions are proven to be just as effective and far safer -than their chemical counterparts. At CedarCide, we use the power of naturally derived, 100% organic Texas red cedar oil in our organic pest control treatments to create a healthy and safe alternative to chemical-based pesticides. Best of all, our spray, soak and mulch treatments were designed for at-home use, so its easy to treat your pest problems at home on your own no professionals needed.
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DIY Apartment Pest Control – CedarCide : CedarCide

Formulated using all natural, fully organic cedar oil, they will meet any need. While CedarCides entire line performs to the highest standards, its Best Yet! is excellent for daily indoor use to kill pests, drive them away, and to keep them from coming back. Besides posing no danger to humans or pets, it can also be applied to furniture, carpet, and other surfaces for further insect repelling protection without worry about damage. In addition, because it is non-toxic and does not irritate skin, it can be sprayed directly onto your pets coat and its bedding to kill and repel fleas. Pest Control for Property Managers and Landlords Maintaining a bug-free environment is vital if you want to keep your apartments habitable and rentable. This is where CedarCide can help.
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